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We are more than 5 million members and are present in all Brazilian regions with more than 2,1 thousand branches, distributed in more than 100 cooperatives. We have more than 30 thousand employees and for the 9th consecutive year, we were among the Best Companies for You to Work according to Você S/A magazine, for the seventh consecutive year, we were included in the Best & Biggest ranking of Exame magazine, in 2020 we were the 2nd institution with greater release of rural credit.

* Data from august/2021.



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Mission and Values



Be a cooperative system, valuing relationships and offering financial solutions to add income and contribute to improving the quality of life of members and society.


  • Preserving the business cooperative nature.
  • Respect the individuality of each member.
  • Valuing people and fostering their development.
  • Preserving the institution as a system.
  • Respecting official and internal norms.
  • Management effectiveness and transparency.

Learn about the beginning of one of the largest cooperative financial institutions in Brazil, which is now present in 22 Brazilian states and Federal District (Brasília) with over 4 million members.

Products and Services

Sicredi understands that its relationship with its members is one of its greatest differentials. This is why it values knowledge and proximity to offer much more than just products and services.

Options for members to choose whatever works best for their needs, whether it is.

Products and services to deal with accounts receivable management needs of any company.

Sicredi cards provide convenience, speed and safety for financial transactions.

Through a cooperative purchasing system, offers various consortium plans to their members.

Foreign Exchange
Products to execute operations and receive or send payments to/from abroad.

Checking Account
Products that helps to organize financial routines and provides access to credit opportunities.

The best coverage and assistance to protect families, equities and business.

A vast products portfolio, including savings accounts, time deposits and investment funds.

Products and services that help control cash flow, facilitating members' routines.

Social Security
Products that help members to save in the long term, and plan their future.

International Partners


Over the years, the work done by Sicredi has been recognized nationally and internationally. The international partnerships signed with Rabo Financial Institutions Development B.V. and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) are a reflection of this.

In 2011, we signed a contract with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a World Bank institution that supports private investment in developing countries. This agreement (which allows a variety of financing options in more than 230 international banks) is the first of its kind to be signed by a Brazilian cooperative bank.

Since 2010, we have worked with Rabobank (one of the largest financial institutions in the cooperative industry) with the goal of developing credit unions as an economic organizational model. The main result of the partnership is the Technical Assistance Program, which promotes exchanges of skills, knowledge and best practices between the two institutions.



Sicredi was sustainable long before the word took over the corporate world. An institution is sustainable when it generates economic results while also protecting the environment and improving the quality of life of the people it interacts with. It must also balance financial results and community development. 
Sicredi is a cooperative financial institution that values regional economies, creates business opportunities and helps its members develop. A system of credit unions focused on sustainable growth that is growing closer to people and communities each day, as they are the reason for its existence. 

Annual Report

Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainability Report 2018

Sustainability Report 2017

Sustainability Report 2016

Sustainability Report 2015

Sustainability Report 2014

Sustainability Report 2013

For a more cooperative world


Fundação Sicredi is the Institution's department for social investment. Its goal is to promote credit unions and entrepreneurship from the viewpoint of sustainable development, educating members and encouraging their participation, as well as promoting sustainability as one of Sicredi System values. 

Pertencer Program
Aims to help members participate more effectively in the management of Sicredi credit unions, making them participants in the company's perpetuation process.

Crescer Program
Provide members with access to information on different types of companies, their characteristics and how to take on the role of owner of a collective enterprise. 

A União Faz a Vida Program
The Unions Create Life Program is Sicredi's main social responsibility initiative. It aims to construct and follow attitudes and values of cooperation and good citizenship.

Information and Memory Center
The Sicredi Information & Memory Center aims to preserve Sicredi's corporate history and serve as a source of reference for employees, members and the general public. 

Cooperativism in Brazil


Cooperativism is an economic system that makes cooperatives the basis of all wealth production and distribution activities. Established in Europe in the nineteenth century, they were created by artisans and merchants as an answer to the centralization of capitalist resources and communist extremism.  
Today, almost 200 years later, this model is increasingly gaining strength. Based on voluntary membership of people focused on a common goal, cooperatives bring together millions of people around the world to participate in projects that generate income and job opportunities, transforming the realities of whole communities.

  • Voluntary and open membership.
  • Autonomy and independence.
  • Concern for the community.
  • Democratic management.
  • Education, training and information.
  • Financial participation of members.
  • Cooperation.


Credit Unions

The various types of cooperative associations include credit unions. Created to offer financial solutions according to the needs and conditions of members, these are an important incentive instrument for social and economic development. This is because they use their assets to finance their members' activities, keeping resources in the communities where they were generated.

In Latin America, credit unions emerged in 1902, in the city of Linha Imperial in the municipality of Nova Petrópolis, in Rio Grande do Sul, where the first was established by Swiss priest Theodor Amstad. Today, this credit union is part of Sicredi, and is called Sicredi Pioneira RS. 

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