About us

Sicredi is one of the largest cooperative financial institutions in Brazil.  It is made by people and for people, and now has over 3,6 million members and a comprehensive portfolio of banking products and services. 
Over 3.6
millions members
Over 22.2
thousand employees
affiliated credit unions
BRL 74.3
billions in assets
BRL 11.9
billions in net equity
BRL$ 37.3
billions billion in credit portfolios
BRL 1.3
billions in overages (amount divided between members)
Present in 21
states Brazilian
Over 1.5
thousand branches

Where is Sicredi

Sicredi is present in 21 Brazilian states with over 1.536 branches, and is available in the rest of Brazil through the Banco24horas network. 
With the support of over 22,2 thousand employees, Sicredi works to promote the economic and social development of its members and the communities where it is present.  Operating with sustainable growth, the Institution has four main centers: 
  • States of expansion of the country and project of expansion in progress.
  • Sicredi Today

The difference between Credit Union and Bank

At Sicredi you find the same products and services as at a regular bank.  The difference is that here you aren't a client. You are an owner. 
What it is Company subject to corporate law Company not subject to corporate law
Who are the owners You The investors
What it does Raise funds to finance members' activities. Operates in the financial intermediation and banking services industry. 
Objective To meet members' demands and add income to their activities.  Profit

Mission and Values


Be a cooperative system, valuing relationships and offering financial solutions to add income and contribute to improving the quality of life of members and society.


  •  Preserving the business cooperative nature.
  •  Respect the individuality of each member.
  •  Valuing people and fostering their development.
  •  Preserving the institution as a system.
  •  Respecting official and internal norms.
  •  Management effectiveness and transparency.


Sicredi is a cooperative financial institution that promotes the social and economic development of its members and the communities where it is present.  Operating with a focus on sustainable growth, its differential is a management model that values member participation, as they vote and decided the course their credit union will take. 

International Partners

Over the years, the work done by Sicredi has been recognized nationally and internationally. The international partnerships signed with Rabo Financial Institutions Development B.V. (the development section of the Dutch Rabobank group) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) are a reflection of this.
International Partners

Since 2010, Sicredi has worked with Rabobank (one of the largest financial institutions in the cooperative industry) with the goal of developing credit unions as an economic organizational model.  The main result of the partnership is the Technical Assistance Program, which promotes exchanges of skills, knowledge and best practices between the two institutions. 

International Partners

In 2011, Sicredi signed a contract with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a World Bank institution that supports private investments in developing countries. This agreement (which enables a variety of financing options at over 230 international banks) is the first of its kind to be signed by a Brazilian cooperative bank.